Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Character Design: 5th and 6th Workshops 25/10/2011 and 1/11/2011 (Silhouettes and Monsters)

On the last two workshops we worked on silhouettes and the way fabric works on our bodies. I got to draw silhouettes of robots. It was really fun. At first my silhouettes looked more generic. They were all based on the two limbs and two eyes theory. Basically, they looked too much like real people. So Justin suggested me to break my safety rules and go for more alien-like physiques. And we also studied how fabric folds on clothes.

First Ateempt
Second Attempt

Fabric folds
On our 6th Workshop we looked into animal anatomy and how monsters that consist of a mixture of different species,  are actually deigned to be believable. I got the theme of a Swamp, so I had to make creatures that could survive in a Swamp. They are mostly inspired by amphibians and scaley water reptiles.

An eel-frog and a lizard-salamander.

A croc-frog, a prawn-eel, a duck-dragonfly.

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