Saturday, 19 November 2011

Character Design: Wyatt's Final Pose

I am not sure about this pose. It looks boring to me so I might have to redraw him. I don't think he is directly distinguished as the villain in the all 3 pose. EEeek what to do ....


  1. Hey Andi, it's going to take a bit of courage and endurance to revisit your villain - but I think you should. Part of the issue is that his crystalised arm - which is the defining feature of him - looks passive - like a total dead-weight, and if it had some animation to it, just something to make it feel as if it belongs to the character more?

  2. Yes that's what I've been thinking. A bit of animation would do the trick. Thank you Phil :)

  3. Maybe more emphasis on the villain as well because you have done a great job with the hero and sidekick but your villain is not quite there enough compared to the other two

    Maybe a more sinister expression or as Phil suggested more life in the crystalised arm showing off a bit of power

    However I think your close just refine the villain further and I think you will have three successful characters

    Well done :)

  4. I think the villains pose does need some work. The emphasis seems to be on the gun, and the crystallized arm seems redundant. If I was a villain who had a huge crystal arm, i would definitely use it either as a weapon or to intimidate others. I think he needs to revel in that fear, maybe ready to grasp or crush someone?