Monday, 23 January 2012

Narrative: My Contribution to the Unit

This is a quick post summarising my contribution to the group Project, which was a rewarding but at the same time stressful experience.

So starting off with some Pre-production I worked on:

To kick-start our story I did some influence maps and thumbnails for the environment which eventually made Dom and Aidan move on to concepts, and develop our script.


I did some storyboarding tests:

And a part in which me and Dom worked together on (me directing him and him drawing)

Some quick creature designs:

Tried to do some character Designs but they turned out too cartoony for the trailer's style:

I also suggested on doing the Animatic Monday event and also made my own Pre-Viz version:

Research on 1970's films and Influences:

Worked on our first script:

The Script Version 1

I made our studio Logo:

Put together our Pitch Presentation:

Black Lagoon Presentation

Quick environment concepts:

Modelled the House:

Worked with Dom on some textures during the holidays, when he wasn't able to work on Maya so I put the textures in for him.

Did some Editing:


Did the CD, DVD and Buisiness Card Design:

I did all the writing for "The Art Of Document" which Aidan put together:

And of course modelled, fully rigged two characters which was the hardest task I ever had to go through but they are done now and I've learnt a lot from them. I am hoping to get even better at this now:

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