Saturday, 11 February 2012

Transcription: Children's Body Language and Body Proportions

Going back to Justin Wyatt's character design classes, I made a few poses that came out of my mind. It is incredible how much the body can tell without any facial expressions. 


  1. Go back to kindergarten and draw real children to get it right. These poses are kind of cold. :D

  2. A little harsh there, Domantas. These drawings are, however, very consistent, which of course is essential for animation. Ok, so maybe a little stiff, but I can believe thats the same character doing those poses. Children are pretty flexible and expressive. There personalities are emerging, and they are still a little clumsy and not quite in full control of their limbs so think about asymmetry and imbalance. They can also be pretty confident, often in an exaggerated comedic way, aping their parents or teachers. Anyway, nice stuff.

  3. its cold because children are many and diffrent.

    since this is one child diffrent poses, it reads as cold because there arent enough diffrences with the children.

    its an illusion when ones mind doesnt realize it is the same child, it can be avoided by seperating each pose into a seperate picture.

    sometimes its smarter to do that because then the viewer is forced to seperate and can't subconsciously personalize each pose and be disapointed that they are the same = unrealistic/cold.

    1. if anything it is a compliment that the poses aren't actually cold but rather realistic enough for the viewer to fall into the trap of personalize then as induviduals.

      multiple humanoids appearing in frame is subconsciously viewed as seperate beings, but it "can" only occur when the beings looks realistic enough.