Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Transcription: First Animatic of Children Say..

So this is my first animatic in which I can already see the changes I have to do to it to make it work better. Plese ignore the creepy music box music. It's only temporary :P

After Alan's tutorial I have a few things to correct and look into:

-The composition will work better if Megan is shrinked down when she describes the Alien, so the audience won't be connfused with the centre of attention which is the Alien.
-It would work better if the Alien was fully animated.
-Make sure to bring the Alien to the same level as the character (make it more sophisticated) so they both match.
-There is no need to record my voice again when I ask Megan questions. It is staged well without it.

Ignore  youtube squashing down  my video

Some stills....


  1. Hahahaha gotta love their imagination, really like the idea of this project Andi!

  2. This animatic is very effective, Andi - but when you mean 'fully animated' you're not talking cg are you? Or do you mean 'fully animated' as in 12 frames per second and morphing between states?

  3. Thank you Godwin :)

    And Phil,(sorry I didn't make it clear) I meant hand drawn animation that morphs, as you said. I want to avoid making the Alien look just static and give a bit of life to it, instead.