Thursday, 2 February 2012

Transcription: Inspiring Illustrations and Photography

Some inspiring illustrations and Photography that is related to childhood imagination. I really love the boy crossing the road one as it's something everyone used to imagine as kids. They have given me all new ideas, but I really need to decide on one.

Kids Imagination

Kids Imagination

Kids Imagination

Kids Imagination

Kids Imagination

Childrens' drawings in real life

Children Drawings made Real - Amazing

Children Drawings made Real - Amazing

Children Drawings made Real - Amazing

Chilhood photography

dreams 14 Sweet dreams

dreams 15 Sweet dreams

dreams 6 Sweet dreams

dreams 7 Sweet dreams

Fun in the Bathtub


  1. Hey Andi,

    Sorry we didn't get to talk today - but feeling uncharacteristically energy-less, which means I can't be well! :)

    Great to hear you're making some contact re. children etc. I know you'll be really keen to get started (and your pipeline is impressively ambitious); if you do get to talk with some kids, you'll want to ask them some very specific questions; for example:

    'Where do bees go went it rains?'


    'Have you ever seen a fairy?


    The point is you'll need to lead them if you want to get lots of visual content. The truth is you're not going to need very much content - you don't want loads of voice-track to transcribe anyway, given the time.

    Anyway - some links to make you smile and inspire: (you'll remember this one - the dialogue was all recorded first - and then the animation was created around it).

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