Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Transcription: Unit Evaluation

I think I found Megan :D
Transcription started about 12 weeks ago and I cannot believe we already handed it in. Our first individual project which gave us the freedom to do whatever we want was an exciting one. It opened  up our horizons to what we can achieve in that short amount of time.

For me, doing a short animation to myself was something I wanted to do since first year but never thought I could achieve it due to the amount of problems I was faced with technology every day. But after a lot of effort I finally managed to do it and be proud of my first, not perfect, but reasonable animation.Time management was important in this this project as I was aiming to get my rendering done before I left for home and spend a lot of time of editing while I was there.
Probably the most interesting part to work on was animating Megan which was my first attempt in character performance. I used real footage and even went on an Animation gig in London where I seaked some advice from a professional animator from Double Negative.
 I very much enjoyed the whole progress,from the interview to the thumbnails and from the modelling to animating. My skills improved dramatically and I am confident enough to takeover more tasks.
So now, we get to work with Pete Wallace as part of our work experience


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