Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Personal Branding Experimentation- 2nd Attempt

After some feedback I played around with my logo without using the disk, with my own hand writing included in all the text. So far I prefer 1, 3 and 4.


  1. I like 1 and 4;

    what would 1 be like if Megan was black too and also, if she was just a bit smaller, so that she was about the same height as the combined height of the text. 1 is 'easier on the eye' (I'm reading the image from left to right), but it feels a bit unbalanced with Megan at the size she is now... another set of variations - but this time - keep things the same, but just change the relative sizes of the girl to the text.

  2. oh, I also think you should consider simplifying your blog header image - much as I love the 'Andriana' sequence; when you get this logo perfect, I think you should be brave and go very 'pure' on your blog template - what do you think?

  3. yep yep definately! The blog header has been bugging me for a while now! It's going to go under and extreme makeover this semester :) I am trying to to figure out a way to make my blog simple but interesting.

  4. Hi,

    There's a special meeting for year 3 students tomorrow (Tuesday 4th) at 12 noon - location to be confirmed - but if you're available to attend, meet in the baseroom and we'll take it from there. Apologies for the short notice.


  5. This is quality, love both of your characters :D!