Tuesday, 24 May 2011

@Phil: Theodore and the Monsters of Disease PreViz

Hello Phil
So this is my Main PreViz and I would like you to tell me what you think of it. It lasts for about 2:15 but the Voiceover is 3 minutes long. There will be a lot of Effects added in After Effects to extend the animation like Thinking bubbles with a bit of Animation and hopefully it will match the Voiceover in length. Oh, there is also a transition from a black background to a white one where the wizard explains how the Vaccination works and some 'explosions' of Antibodies. All in all I am not really confident about this but I am hoping it's going to turn out good.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

DVD Case, CD and Presentation Template Design

Nice and Simple. I hope it look 'professional' enough. Do we need to add anything else on our DVD case like the synopsis for instance?

Friday, 20 May 2011

1st Scene to Work on After All the Maya Trouble

Today has been a very frustrating day as I discovered that the Uni computers currepted the scene I was working on for the lpast week. But thank God, I managed to render the whole scene last night to test it out and this video is the only evidence I've got of all my work. I was planning to tweak the lighting and the timing on this scene but having lost the file I have no choice but to work with this one. I can do a few adjustments to it in After Effects but that's just about it.

Lesson of the Day: Back up your work in more than three places. Do not trust Uni computers for storage!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

First Rendered Scene-Suggestions please :)

So this is my first fully rendered test scene. I would like to hear some suggestions about the lighting and the background please. Is there not enough lighting? Is the black background too blank for the scene or does it help emphasize on the colourfull book? Would it it be better if there was an outside world?

Theodore and The Monsters of Disease-Voiceover by Caroline Woodruff

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Book Cover and some other doodles..

Here are some stuff I've been working on for the last couple of days.  I've just noticed that I need to get into grips again with rendering.

@Phil: Theodore and the Monsters of Disease

Hello Phil,
So this is my Script. I hope it's clear enough :) I am not sure about the voice-over yet but I think a female one would suit it best.

Theodore and the Monsters of Disease Script

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Theodore's poses and Expressions

Here are all the figures of Theo I will be using in the pop up book. I still need to do the Wizard and the rest of the props :)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Castle, the night-sky and some other props

I am really enjoying this now.There is a lot more to do but I am getting there. I am liking the style I have adopted for this Unit  :)

The castle

The nightsky
The Clouds

The trees

The hills

Creepy trees 1

Creepy trees 2

New Storyboard: Theodore and the Monsters of Disease



Friday, 13 May 2011

Refined Wizard Character

So here is my Wizard character less peado-like and more doctor like. I want him to look more like a doctor rather than a stranger coming up to Theodore offering him a syringe :S. That would be disturbing.. :P

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Characters: Theodore and the Monsters of Disease

So here are my characters all ready to be placed on planes in my animation. I tried to avoid my comfort zone for this unit but it looks like character design is chasing me!

1) This is Theodore, my main character, a young boy who dreams of being brave and famous for rescuing the day. He will be confronted with the Monsters of Diseases from the Deep Dark Wood after he'll been vaccinated.

 2) The Wizard is the savoir of the day as he provides Theodore with the Magic Potion which contains essence of monsters. Using a syringe he will help Theodore's body defeat the enemies.

3) And the Monsters, inspired by shapes of viruses, bacteria and parasites. :)