Thursday, 12 July 2012

Work Experience and Year 2 Evaluation Post

I haven't posted anything for a while but this post will pretty much sum up what I've been up to for the last few months. Before evaluating Year 2, I would like to show you what I've produced for my Work Experience while working for Butch Auntie as part of my curriculum.

Work Experience

Working for someone outside university for 5 weeks was a great experience as we had a first taste of what awaits for us in the future as CG Artists. The workflow was quite relaxing compared to what we had to face during the year but we also had to be well prepared for any sudden changes or extra work our client could ask us for. Also it was vital for us to be communicative, to update our clients with our progress and not hesitate to ask them questions regarding our work.
This is the showreel me and Dayle put together. The video shows our first 'Mini Project' called Priscilla which we worked on together and clips of our individual work on the 3D and 2D team for the second 'Mini Project' called Mayfair. Enjoy!

Year 2 Evaluation

My second Year in CGArts and Animation in UCA Rochester was a very tiring but a rewarding one. I got to work on areas that I've been waiting for since first year like Character Design and had a great time during the learning progress. Although going deeper into the software was very hard, my sleepless nights and fights with Maya paid off. I think my best decision through the year was to take over character modelling and rigging for our first Group Project which allowed me to understand the Character process better and helped me create my own again on my Transcription. 
I overall found 2nd Year a 'ticket' to allow me to make greater work during 3rd Year and cannot wait to get started again. Now that my software knowledge has improved I am going to put it into greater use and practice on it even more, especially animation which I really want to improve on.

Summer Plans

My initial plans for this summer was to work on my First Dissertation Draft, prepare myself for my Minor Project, finish some unfinished tutorials and of course relax to recharge my batteries for the upcoming final year. 
What I did not expect was that I was going to work on a summer group project with another 8 of my coursemates in a group called Nanomation. Our aim is to make an animation and even though we might not finish it, it will be a good way to keep us active during summer.
Also, worth mentioning is that I had the amazing opportunity to work in New Designers in London where this year's graduates got to show their work to the public and promote themselves. It was an exciting two days of talking to people about the course and University and showing what students can achieve in only 3 years time. I would like to congratulate the 3rd years for the amazing work they showed and made the course proud. Very impressive :)

So roll on 3rd year in September :)