Friday, 22 February 2013

Major project update

This is a summery post of what me and Dayle Sanders  have been up to since the Minor project submission on the 11th of January. So as mentioned, the Minor Project is extended throughout the Major. We started off by putting together a new proposal below:

One of our main concerns was getting the Pre-Vis together as it was hard to visualise the 3D environment through the 2D animatic. So initially we made a diagram with colour coding to figure out the layering of the props and space.

I also did some experimentation with gobos by linking images to spotlights. They will be used on the background of the forest to imitate depth and closure.  

These are a few more of the prop designs we've been working on.

Apart from the environment Hemmy's rig was enhanced and could finally get him to walk with a rough walkcycle.