Monday, 13 May 2013

Major Project/ Year 3 Evaluation

This post pretty much sums up what I've been up to during my last year of studies at UCA. I've been working on a collaborative animated short called Kinnaree with Dayle Sanders as Mango Mercury studios and recently submitted our last piece of work for our 3 year Ba (Hons) Computer Generated Arts and Animation course
Kinnaree was a major challenge for both of us. Taking up a project for the whole year was a wise decision which enabled us to spend more time on animating and explore pathways that half  a year's project wouldn't allow us to do. One part of the project which was completely new to us was editing which is partly why Act 3 of the animation is not resolved at the moment. I've learned a lot through this project; like what it's like to be part of a team, professionalism in work, time management, art direction, editing, character performance and of course technical approaches in Maya and Mudbox. 
A lot of the small errors in the animated short we submitted will be tackled during the next month and a half for the upcoming New Designers exhibition in London in July which I am very excited about. I am overly satisfied with our work so far and would never admit our decision to make this a year long project. The updated version of the animation will be uploaded on this space in July. 

Final (WIP) Animation

Technical Paper

CD Design

DVD case design
Demo Reel

Promotional Stills