Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Inspiration from artists: Francis Bacon

Before going into digital artist for inspiration I believe it's worthwhile mentioning some memorable 'Traditional' artists well known for their depiction of horror and the unknown inner world of ones psychology. One of them is Francis Bacon an Expressionist artist who is famous for his austere, graphic and emotionally raw imagery. His tortured, nightmarish imagery projected a word of violent and shocking humanity.  I had the opportunity to study his style on my last years foundation  for a project and  I was amazed by his work. Distorted faces, panicked body language and the idea of death and claustrophobic issues was what his artwork was based on. The people in his paintings scream in physical and psychic pain seemingly tortured in bedrooms, bathrooms and cages. He emphasises  on human flesh and uses  bright colours to show tense emotions. I believe he could be relevant to my current project as his work is based on dark emotions like Poe's and expresses strongly the sense of enclosure and desperation.


  1. Hi Adriana

    Well done for completing all the tutorials. Great to see some variations in there too. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for your first Maya scene.


  2. Great to see this wider research here; Bacon is a perfect aesthetic match for Poe's nightmarish visions! Bravo! Now - let's see your own painterly style be influenced by Bacon's mark-making too...