Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Expressionism Research

I find the Art movement of Expressionism quite interesting so I did some research this morning in the Library on the painters, sculptors and films that followed it. I am aiming to experiment usinf ths kind of style for my painting.

"Of all the 'isms' in the early twentieth century, Expressionism is one of the most elusive and difficult to define. The term has entered the language , and nowadays many artists may be deemed 'expressionists' if they exaggeratedly distort form and apply paint in a subjective , intuiative spontaneous manner."

Behr Shulamith. (1999). Expressionism. London: Tate Gallery Publishing Ltd Millbank (page 6)


George Grosz

Edvard Munch

Vincent Van Gogh

Henri Matisse

Richard Gerstl

Ludwig Meidner

Max Beckmann

Lovis Corinth
Alexei Von Jawlensky


Alexander Archipenko


The cabinet of dr .Caligari(1920)

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