Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Decaying Buildings in My Final Concept

Since I started texturing the buildings and making them look old I finished them off and gave my final idea a more detailed look. I realised they look way too old and too distracting. I am going to soften this look to see if it makes any difference.

Textures used:


  1. soften a bit yes, but this is looking promising, Andriana. I'm just wondering if you might want to explore your horizon a bit more? There's something effective about the emptiness, and it might be too much, but in your other thumbnails, you've got some structures on the horizon and some cloud formations... also, wouldn't you have some shadow infront of the building on the left?

  2. I thought the horizon looked a bit plain too but I was doing this with the 'less is more' quote in mind.Oh and as for the shadow on the left, I thought it would be unnecessary since the building already looks dark but I guess I was wrong. Will be checking that one too! thank you for your feedback :)

  3. if the sun is behind that building, it would certainly be casting a shadow on the floor - and it would help bind the building with the ground too. Yes - you're right to be cautious about 'the less is more' thing - it could be too much, just right - or somewhere in between!