Monday, 7 February 2011

Burglar, Tramploline and Plane Influence Maps

My burglar Influence Map is covered in muscly, wanna-be characters like Kronk, Jonny  Bravo, Metroman and Buzz Lightyear. They are all bust and consider themselves as heroes and super models, yet they are clumsy and show-offs. So basically, my characters will be 2 trampolinist athletes who want to reclaim their fame by stealing the golden medal from the champion, but will have to earn it with their performance. 

So what could a trampolinist be without..a trampoline of course? The story will be set in London 2012 during the Olympic Games where the 2 main characters' competition will take place. Their performance will be witnessed by the spectators of the stadium.

For my plane component I've decided to use Red Arrows. They will be part of the Olympic Games' parade and fortunately or unfortunately enough, they will crash with the characters during their performance in air, resulting in some crazy shapes formed by their colourful smoke in the sky.

Note: I hope my story doesn't sound too wacky. I was aiming for an exaggerating cartoony story with a crazy ending.

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