Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Storyboard development 3


After a chat I had with Phil yesterday, my story went through a few changes:

  • The story will take place in a stadium, during London Olympic's 2012. I will get to keep my American muscular character but not as a burglar but as the burglar's target, basically the flaming torch he'll be carrying.
  • My burglar character will possibly be a Scottish/English guy, who is the complete opposite of the perfect looking runner (perfect body, perfect teeth, perfect hair) and feels envious for his honour to carry the torch. 
  • Furious with him, he runs after him just a few seconds before the America lights up the last big light source on the tall hill.
  • The Scottish needs to be quick, so he runs through the obstacles ahead him (the sports equipment) including the trampoline.
  • He finally reaches the top of the hill and fights for the torch. But he knows the American's weakness:his perfect hair. He blows his fringe and one hair stands out. The American goes crazy shouting: NOOOOO!!
  • The Scottish finally gets hold of the torch and laughs maliciously, rising up his "trophy".
  • But then a Red Arrow comes out of nowhere and drags the torch with it leaving both characters with a shocking face.
  • The Red Arrow burst into flames and somehow in the chaos going on in the sky, they form the Olympic Rings.  
This is what I've thought of up till now. The endings needs to be more 'shocking' but i'll come up with something.

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