Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Brainstorming with Kay

Last night me and Kayleigh mapped down our thought about this unit and we had a kind of explosion of ideas. Now I am in a position where I don't know which path to follow and which theme to choose- even though I went for the HIV at first. But it's still early and I am hoping to work on something that I can get the most out of. So, brainstorming:

What style?

  • Expressionistic (Abtract using a lot of colour?)
  • Illlustrative (like Chidren's book?)
  • Using narrtive voice overs?
  • Uncanny/ Dark?
  • Cheerful?
  • Documentary?
  • Non liner narrative?
  • Pop up book?
  • Television (Newsflash)?
  • Like a first person game?
  • Martial arts?
  • Tetris (Old school videogames)?
  • Comic Book?
What kind of transitions can there be used?

  • 2D illustration (like a book) ---> 3D
  • Blackbord in classroom---> 3D
  • Graffiti on wall--->3D
  • Maybe a transition from an injection into the body-like in Fantastic Voyage?
  • Hertbeat Scan---> 3D

After looking through all those different choices I think I am now interested in narrating my animation like a story- more like reading through a child's book. It's very tricky in terms of the subject, though. I believe treating the HIV like a fairy tale would be quite weird since it's a very dark subject to talk about. In terms of a fairy tale style I think the antibodies or fighting n infection would be more child-friendly as it's not directly corresponding to a fatal decease like AIDS. I like the idea of the process being narrated through a book with the trnsition 2D images into 3D Animation.

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  1. saw this - thought of you...

    I really like the idea of a cg pop-up book simulation - strong design, simple method - but yes, maybe HIV isn't the subject for that execution - unless you played against the child-friendly pop-up book format and made it for a teenage audience, so that what starts out as somehow cute, gets more serious as it develops?