Thursday, 21 April 2011

Character Idea: Bookmarker/ Paperclip Narrator ?

I've been having thought on how to make my animation appealing to youngsters so what can be better than a cute character narrating the story of "How the human body defeats diseases by using antibodies?". So I went a bit back to our previous project on how to bring an inanimate object to life. I've been thinking of a simple character which will be easy to rig and animate and someone who will not loose its paper-like quality as the whole animation will be based on a pop up book. So the first thing that came in mind was a paper clip or a bookmarker that will be turning the book page and travelling into the 'magical' book itself. I did a few designs and I think I am mostly pleased with my last one. It's a professor- like bookmarker with his extended bit looking like a tie.

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  1. If you have a character that narrates you're going to need a script, a professionally recorded voice-over - and lipsynching animation... I don't want to limit your ambition, but the lip-synch alone if a HUGE task - especially if there is a lot of info 'spoken' - personally, I'd recommend NOT having a specific character narrator; audiences are well used to having a non-visible narrator - like in a bedtime story - so I suggest you concentrate on making the world of your animation work beautifully:

    Check out this link for some ideas on how to keep the action in fluid motion - without building lots of sets - and employing a purposefully 'show the mechanism'-style that might fit with your pop-up concept.