Saturday, 23 April 2011

@Phil: Inspiring Animations (Worlds made of Paper)

Hello Phil! I've been having some thoughts on whether to have a narrator for my animation. Even if I did use one (like the bookmarker), he would be simple with a moustache moving instead of a mouth to avoid lipsynching and he would only be shown at the beginning (and possibly towards the end) to introduce the story and then end it. But after watching these animations I found online I can now really picture my Animation without a narrator and leave the images tell the story themselves. When you showed me that specific "Mechanical" animation, it is how exactly I was imagining it to be: Unfolding and transforming into shapes. I also found the 4th and 6th of the animations (if you don't want to look through all of them) I came across really inspiring. What do you think it would be better? A story deriving from the book itself (like the 4th one) or something paper-like folding into shapes (like the 6th one)? I would appreciate this feedback as I would like to move on and finally start my script and storyboard :)
Many Thanks

The Curious Dream– From Flat to Flight from Cre8tivegirl on Vimeo.

Disney Recycle from STUDIO AKA on Vimeo.

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  1. Hey Andriana,

    I like both those films - and in reality the aesthetic stays the same - a paper world with a lo-fi style. I suggest you just get stuck in - and trust your judgement. I guess what you need to resolve is your framing narrative - i.e. how do we get into the paper world - does a book open? Does it start with 'Once upon a time...?' How does the audience come to understand that this is a stylised world? In regard to the book mark narrator - yes, I can see how the moustache would rule out a lot of the technical stuff, but I still wonder if a character is needed (which isn't the same as your need to create a character!). I suggest you start visualising your world and your structure asap, as until you do, the ability to feedback etc. is going to remain in the abstract. Just make a start :D