Sunday, 24 April 2011

Essay Proposal for The Time Machine: The history and evolution of Toys

So for the last Essay of this Year (yay!) I am thinking of writing on something I can talk about its history and move on to its contemporary version. So my first idea was Toys! Toys have a deep history, even during ancient times it was very important for small children to play. Playing plays a big role to a child's mental development as it's considered as a first interaction with the world in a fun way. So here is my first attempt in its structure:

Introduce the essay to the readers. Talk about the theme I are going to analyse and mention all the published sources.

Main Body

PAR.1: How important it is for a child to play? What does it help with? From what age does a child start to play?

PAR.2: Talk about the first  toys in history. What was their purpose? What were they inspired from? What sort of material were they made out of? Mention toys found in a Ancient Greece, China, Egypt, e.t.c...

PAR.3: Move to the toys of the Middle ages and then to the toys of the 20th century. Talk about how has the purpose of the toy dchanged throughout the years.

PAR.4: Talk about the contemporary plastic toys and how now they are considered as a work of art and not a child's toy. Finally, talk how today's children no longer use toys for their entertainment but video games and how can this have an effect on their mentality.

Sum up the importance of playing. How did the word 'playing' evolve throughout the years? Should contemporary toys and games change  and be become more beneficial? How can they improve?

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  1. Andriana - remember the actual request of the essay question; you have to refer to key themes from the lecture series in relation to your chosen subject...