Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Essay Proposal for The Time Machine (Take 2): The history and evolution of the Gothic


This written assignment will be exploring the Gothic Art movement, its origins, its various definitions and its evolution to what we think of ‘Gothic’ today.  As a medieval Art movement which first appeared in the mid 12th century, Gothic did not emerge ready-made into the modern era but has a deep history, over which it has changed and developed multiple layers of meaning. While the term ‘Goth’ today does not refer to the 5th Century Goths, its past and present meaning have a lot in common. The term Gothic is a continuing popularity as it’s been used a lot in a lot of Art areas.     Sources exploring the History of Gothic Art will be The Gothic by Fred Botting and The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole which go back in the foundations of Gothic and the first gothic novel.  As for the present, sources giving examples of what Gothic stands for nowadays are Contemporary Gothic by Catherine Spooner, Gothic Art Now!  by Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Gothic Lolita Punk  which are unique showcases of the very latest cutting edge Gothic Art creators from around the world in illustrations, digital creations and designs.

PAR.1: Talk about the History of Gothic. When did it start? What was it linked with (religion, love, horror). Mention the first Gothic Novel.
PAR.2: Give Examples of Gothic Paintings, Architecture and Sculpture.
PAR.3: What makes Gothic popular even today? Talk about its modern definition and its similarities with the past.
PAR.4 :( or more): Gothic in the Modern World:
Rock Music
Marilyn Manson
Vampires: The Twilight and True Blood Saga
Tim Burton
Lolita Punk Dolls
Digital Art (Gothic Fantasy Figures)

Bullet point why is Gothic an immortal fashion and how it will continue to be used throughout the years.


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