Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Research: African Art

After my chat with Phil I am finally sure about my direction. My animation will still be based on a pop up book but with a slightly different style. So I have decided that my animation will work like a sort of awareness for Uneducated parents in Africa, mothers in particular. The main theme will be vaccination (possibly for malaria) which will encourage mothers to immunize their children and give them a better future.
After a small research I've noticed there are some certain characteristics about African art that makes it so distinctive:
  • Vivid Colours (Bright Red and Yellow, Black and Blue)
  • Emphasis on the Human Figure (Elongated figures with long limbs)
  • Visual Abstractions
  • Non Linear Scalings
  • Rough Edges in Sculpture (Cubism)
  • Emphasis on the Bright Background (Figures working like a foreground)
  • Personified Nature

 I also came across this South African Tribe called Ndebele. Their culture is filled with artistic elements, with bright colours and shapes decorating their homes, clothing and craft work. Their style have influenced a lot of fashion designers and interior architects.


  1. I've got a few african children books I could bring to you, if your still doing the pop up book theme

  2. And printed fabrics in fact!

  3. oohhhyes please!! :D That would be brilliant thank you ^^ xx

  4. I am really p'ed off i didnt think of the African theme, my house is laced with paintings and statues and stuff ! Its cool though I'll take pictures of them for you, you may get better stuff over google but I'll help you out x

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