Friday, 29 April 2011

Inspiring Music (The Lion King Musical and Film)

What could be more inspiring than a film which was entirely inspired by Africa. The Lion King (1994) successfully depicts Africa in the most beautiful way with the colours, the mood and the music suiting Perfectly the African savana. The Musical Version is also inspiring, with colourful costumes and music that reflect the culture and atmosphere of the second biggest continent. 


  1. The design for the musical version is wonderful; I especially loved the opening to the show, with the sun realised very simply as a sort of unfolding circular venetian blind - what was also great was the way they didn't hide the mechanics and 'lo-fi' approach to the puppets etc. This 'show the mechanism (strings/wires/rods) approach might be something you'd like to consider in your approach too.

  2. Great! :D That's how I was hoping to approach it too, by showing how mechanically everything will be working in my book. It does take a while for me to get my inspiration but I think I am slowly getting there :) Can't wait to start my concept art when I am done with most of my writing