Friday, 29 April 2011

@Phil: The Treatment (First Draft)

So this is my first attempt. I must admit it was quite hard trying to imagine how the pop up book would work but I think I have a reasonable base for it. I believe its up to concept art now to do the rest of the job and help me visualise everything better.

Treatment Commission UNit 6

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  1. Hey Andriana,

    I very much like the mood described here and I like the return structure with the additional page to show an alternate version of the events just watched. My concern is simply the preface, because it seems you have to establish 'real world' cg before establishing the paper world of the book. This seems likely to draw your focus and efforts in one direction - perhaps at the expense of the 'interesting bit' which is the book world. If you look at Ethan Shilling's Slime Mold animation from last year - he does a similar thing - with a real world classroom, but limits the set to just a desk. Give it some thought.