Thursday, 12 May 2011

Characters: Theodore and the Monsters of Disease

So here are my characters all ready to be placed on planes in my animation. I tried to avoid my comfort zone for this unit but it looks like character design is chasing me!

1) This is Theodore, my main character, a young boy who dreams of being brave and famous for rescuing the day. He will be confronted with the Monsters of Diseases from the Deep Dark Wood after he'll been vaccinated.

 2) The Wizard is the savoir of the day as he provides Theodore with the Magic Potion which contains essence of monsters. Using a syringe he will help Theodore's body defeat the enemies.

3) And the Monsters, inspired by shapes of viruses, bacteria and parasites. :)


  1. Hi Andriana,

    Have you misplaced your memory stick?

    Cute characters.

  2. nice 1 andriana love these ideas cute :)

  3. OOoops...yeah I left it in Uni once again. I'll collect it tomorrow. Thanks...

  4. GREAT monsters! Though I don't think the wizard needs to look so dodgy! He is the 'doctor' after all - so make him more 'mad professor' than 'paedophile in a hat'! Also, it should be 'Monsters of Disease' (not Diseases - doesn't read well).

    Looks like you're having much more fun now anyway... I'm pleased.