Thursday, 5 May 2011

Final Storyboard :)

Following Phil's advice, I approached the book as a 'world' itself and not as a handheld object. There are only a about 3 unfolding sessions, as all the rest will be transitions and simple planes appearing. There will also be some points where the planes will appear like puppets attached to string or sticks. All the human figures appearing will be simple planes and some will be moving some limps mechanically. I think I am now more confident as I have a finished idea I can work on. I am looking forward to putting everything into Premiere tomorrow and see how it works.

So the storyboard as it is:
1) Starting scene with the Doctor's Hut in the African savannah. The camera zooms into a book on the hut's floor.
2) Focus on the book, which is made out of different fabrics, leaves and homemade paper. The book opens.

3) The book reveals an african village with the bright sun in the background. The camera zoom into a mother figure with her baby in the distance.  

4) The mother figure takes care of her child, unaware of the hidden danger.

5) Transition. A mosquito carrying the malaria disease stings the baby on the shoulder. 

6) Transition. The parasite in a form of a plane attached on a stick swims through the bloodstream to the liver. where it multiplies.

7) It goes into the bloodstream again and with a transition (through a tunnel) again it is shown what it looks like attacked by the parasite: dark, ominous and dead.
8)The camera moves out of the tunnel and comes out where the mother shows her desperation for her sick child. The atmosphere is as well gloomy, matching the mother's situation.

9) But there is a solution, a precaution that could have been taken before and help the baby. The side page unfolds and reveals a doctor holding a vaccine.

10) The camera zooms into the inside of the vaccine which carries a small portion of the parasite. The body will recognise it and produce antibodies which will target the 'enemy' the next time it enters the body.

11) Transition to an unfolding page of an antibody.  Its tips can have various shapes which is convenient in matching with the enemies' ones.
12) The next page unfolds. The right one is the parasite and the left is the antibody on a transparent paper. The transparent paper matches the right one. (antigen-antibody connection) 

13) The body has now recognise the enemy and instantly calls in the phagocytes for ingestion. The plane with the phagocyte cells appears on the back and falls onto the enemy and devours it.

14) The book closes. The front cover is now the mother with her happy, healthy child. 

I know this whole thing sound very complicated, but I am imagining it being designed very simply with just planes and simple animation(At least I hope it turns out like that). The Animation will be accompanied with dialogue which will cover a lot of bits. I am hoping to add some colour where it's needed too.:)


  1. Hey Andriana! This may be of no use to you but I noticed today that in the latest 3D Artist magazine there's a section in it about making pop up book style work. I don't own it but if you know someone that does or even if you could just pop into WHSmith and have a look at it then it may be helpful! :D

  2. Oh cool! :D Thanks for that! I'll try and look into it ^^