Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rough Storyboard Ready for Final

 Rough Storyboard done! Ready to start my Final one now. I realised how complicated my animation may be so there will sure be some changes on the go.


  1. I notice from your animation that you're sticking to the same mid-ground view of the book - this doesn't seem necessary to me; once you've established the fact that it's a pop-up book, you can properly 'enter' the world of the book - be 'in' the environment, with components and structures just popping up as and when needed; you don't need to keep showing us the book; yes, use a flipping pages effect as somekind of transition, but you're in a pop-up, paper world - use it. It will quickly get tiresome for your audience if you keep restating the book over and over; establish it at the beginning, enter it, use the space imaginatively and creatively, and then leave it at the end.

  2. Cool Thank you Phil.. I was having the same thoughts today as well (actually was really frustrated on how it's going to work like an actual book) so I am glad you think the same. I am just doing my final storyboard now so you got me just in time to do the changes :)