Thursday, 19 May 2011

First Rendered Scene-Suggestions please :)

So this is my first fully rendered test scene. I would like to hear some suggestions about the lighting and the background please. Is there not enough lighting? Is the black background too blank for the scene or does it help emphasize on the colourfull book? Would it it be better if there was an outside world?


  1. Hey, its looking good, i like the black space as oppose to an environment now ive seen it rendered. But i would suggest that you try to keep the edges of the book within the screen. For example when the camera zooms towards the bok the word disease gets cut off. Other than that looks great.

  2. Just to mirror what Richard said :). Looking grea tso far. I would also turn up the lighting just a little. I'm under the impression this is a story book for children, so I'd imagine it a little brighter :)