Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Notes from Yesterday's Pitch

I was looking forward to today's Pitch, as it would help me progress with my idea and finally work on my final piece. But instead, I am more confused. Everyone had a different opinion on my idea and now I don't know which direction to take. Here are some notes I've taken from the feedback:

1.Decide on the audience: will it be for children or adults? For educated or uneducated reason?
2. What is the purpose of the animation: educate or bring out a message?
3.Am I going to stick with the theme (vaccines) ? > prove why vaccines are good for you.
4. Give the animation a more medical/scientific approach?
5.How about the music? Maybe just stick to sound effects to avoid the 'african cliche' ?
6. Maybe Visit Oxfam and see how they advertise?
7.Mood> sad, sympathetic, giving hope??
8. Keep the AAfrican theme or just base it on vaccines??
9. Maybe make it multivultural and not keep it narrow to just one continent?

I am in a confused position right now but I will try and take this feedback and make the changes to my animation.

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