Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Starting the project from scratch...

Today I had a talk with Phil regarding the changes I need to do on my animation. According to the people who judged my work, my animation is too risky as it has to deal with a lot of themes like culture, racism possibly and gives a negative tint to the continent of Africa. So I am now changing  the content of my idea but I am keeping my pop up book theme which seemed exciting to the judges.
Taking in Phil's advice I am going to make a sort of fairy tale which will show the way antibodies work. My first thought was a character in a fairy tale land who, with the help of a scary sorcerer (which first appears evil but proves to be helpful) he will be vaccinated/ protected and ready to fight the monsters of  illnesses. This is what first came in mind now all I need to do is make an exciting story which will be enjoyable but simultaneously educational for a young audience. I want to make children not afraid of being vaccinated as it's for their own good.

All I say now is...coffee! to finally bring this animation to life

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  1. Be brave, Andriana. This is a good thing - a transformative change. I admire your conviction and determination. Make me proud!!! :D