Wednesday, 4 May 2011

@Phil :Quick Question on the Pitch

Hello Phil,
I was wondering in terms of dialogue, are we supposed to have it ready for the pitch? I am most possibly using dialogue for my animation so does that mean that the script should be sent to the person I want to record it for me by this week??  :S I am a bit panicked now cause I am not sure if there will be time now..


  1. so much panic! No - it won't be necessary to have the proper script in place for the pitch, but if the dialogue is a driver for the audience's understanding of the film, then you'll need it represented; for instance, you might yourself read from the script as the film plays on screen, or you might get someone (someone good!) to do a stand-in recording; if you can't get your script organised in time, then be sure to tell the panel that dialogue will ultimately form an important part of the presentation.

  2. Phew..okey thank you so much! I had a bit of a heart attack there :P

  3. Hi m8 I have read your comment on the group blog and not sure which tutorial you mean but I have tried restarting maya for both a fair few times and still encountering the same problem???

    Have you managed to do the skinning and corrective possitive and negative tutorial easily?

  4. Basically, Kayleigh had the same problem yesterday even if she did delete the layers. She restarted it and it was fine after that :)
    I haven't completed all the tutorials yet ..

  5. do you mean restart the tutorials because in the case of the skinning one i would rather get on with stuff needed for the pitch as it is a long video to follow but have saved a separate file so will try this again if i get the time

    Thanks for your help :)