Thursday, 22 September 2011

Moving to Second Year!

And yes, it is true and I am finally ok with the idea of being a Second Year Student in the Course! After a relaxing and productive summer I am ready to get stuck into uni work again (which I must admit I really missed  during the last 4 months).  I am really excited  with this whole idea of having more freedom in our work.  I know it’s going to be really hard –with a lot of late nights, stress and tiredness, but with the help of my course tutors, my coursemates and my stubbornness I am hoping to survive this year and also have great fun with it. So, let’s lift this big parcel of knowledge and place it a shelf higher  J
 I have been told from graduates that this Second Year  could be described as the hardest year, as we are expected to complete more than one project at the same time. Our first semester  consists of The Narrative Group Project and the Character Design Project:

The Narrative Project:
This Project is all about teamwork, working with a group of people. This is considered quite challenging for most people as working  with a team can be either very successful or end up disastrous. I believe it’s all about hearing your team members’ voice and not being stuck in your own little world. After all, big things happen with the help of more than one person.  (I am hoping to get along with Domantas and Aidan in this case :P )
So in this 15 week project we are expected to produce a 3D film trailer inspired by 1930s-60s films. But this cannot be any trailer. It has to be inspired by the title we were given: The Killers from the Swamp. So this sould be really interesting to do

The Character Design Project
Now this is the Project I was mostly looking forward to. Character design has always been something fascinating for me. I've always remembered myself watching cartoons and drawing my favourite characters on paper. So yes! I cannot wait to be a kid again in this Project.
Of course we were given a starting point for our characters, and that's a random title. I drew The Western Kunf Fu Fighters a very weird but achievable combination.  We are expected to do The Character Design and a Character Bible of A Hero, AVillain and a Sidekick. The characters themselves (and of course the story behind them) has to be inspired by classic 80's cartoons which are famous for their weird mashups. Very exciting Stuff! :D