Friday, 23 September 2011

Character Design: Creating Characters out of a mix of genres (Like in the 80's Cartoons)

80's cartoons were all about mixing up genres and weird idea mashups. Who would have thought that combining Teenage ninjas with Turtles, Super Heroes with Cats, Cowboys with Space or a Detective with a Robot would be so successful? In this Project we are challenged to do exactly the same thing: Combine two completely different genres and make them work. We meant to re-evaluate what we think is already logic to us and be innovative with our ideas.
Some indelible 80's Cartoons:


He Man and The Masters of the Universe

Silver Hawks

Ninja Turtles

Inspector Gadget

Out of this Project we are going to Produce a Hero, a Sidekick and a Villain. They can be humans, animals or even a mixed up being. So what are the key features of these 3 types of Characters?
A Hero: He/She is the Character that leads the Story. The whole plot revolves around them. Heroes are either 'unlikely' heroes (they work their way up) or are already regarded as ones and have this typical 'heroic' appearance (masculine, heavy clothing, big equipment, vivid colours).





Sidekick:  The Sidekick is the character which allows you to push the boundaries and make up something totally crazy. They are usually the humorous ones that keep a balance in the story and come in all different shapes and sizes. All in all it's a character we can defiantly have fun with.

Mushu (Mulan)

Lumiere and Cogsworth (Beauty and The Beast)

Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

Villain:  Even though some might not notice but subconsciously all villains come with the same characteristics: pointy features with angled shapes like triangles and squares, dark clothing (mainly black and purple).
Malificent (Sleeping Beauty)

Scar (The Lion King)

Izma (Emperors New Groove)

By taking all these rules in Character Design in, I am going to create my own characters and make something memorable.

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