Friday, 23 September 2011

Postmodernism: Notes from 1st Lecture (21/9/11)

Notes From Last Lecture:

  • To not fail this essay it is important to first understand it and then write about it. Postmodernism is difficult to define and give away. It does have a specific language to it but you can grasp it.
  • It is a wide ranging term applied to literature, art, philosophy, fiction, etc..
  • The term explains that things are not as fixed or secure as they might be. It is a dispited term (not fixed)
  • It enables us to create our own reality, making our own truth - The world is made up of more than one idea. It's like having mirrors reflecting back to you. The term is dedicated to the fragmented self.
  • It encourages and gives voice to people (like in feminism).  We say our own thing incase we offens someone else's truth- self obsessed.
  • In the Modern world: We define ourselves by our choices than our actions. The defeat of something more important.
  • Madonna (singer/artist) : An example of a postmodern person. She is always collaging herself to keep herself going.
  • Simpsons (Animated Series) : Every episode is burrowing from somewhere else.
  • YouTube and Wikipedia: Examples of mashing up everything. Websites where everyone can share anything. The wisdom of crowds.
  • Shrek (Animated Film): A film putting a twist into well-know fairytales and Disney (hyper reality-brighter than we know)


  1. Dayle has some GREAT notes over on his blog - I'm sure he won't mind me pointing you in his direction. It's encouraging that you're writing up your notes - it's that process - the write-up - that fosters memory, recall and understanding.

  2. Yes I know I have seen his notes. They are very helpful and I am sure we can share our notes ^^