Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Postmodernism: Notes from 4th Lecture (12/10/2011)

  • Postmodernism is defined by fragmentation; it's like a mosaic. It's when you start to fall into this huge space of hyper-links.
  • Manoeuvre: when you think you are led to a destination but you are led to confusion.
  • Scream: Borrowing from Munch's painting Scream. It is a motive of a movie. It is linear and traditional in its structure but it's absolutely post modern. 
  • Avant-Garde (Look up!)
  • Art is the step form primitive to light. During the 1800's art was a service to pre-existing stories. 
  • Eduard Manet: His work wasn't a service of an existing tradition, it crashed tradition. 
  • Gustav Courbet: His art was turning its focus into real life.
  • Paul Cezanne (still life painter): Art doesn't reflect the world anymore. Its all about the paint and brush strokes.
  • Monet: He pushed apart the academic style 
  • Scream (The painting): It is depicting the reality of one's inner life with strong radiating lines that almost feel like a scream.
  • Cubism: The world is made out of angles, the artist has no response to reality, the canvas is just an experimentation.
  • Artists are blessed with the power of coming up with new things. Some others are mingling with what already exists.
  • Jeff Koons: He knows his work is ugly, but that's because he knows he is borrowing from somewhere else.
  • Irony: A Postmodern practice of understanding what is cliché to make you think of something else. 

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