Thursday, 10 November 2011

Character Design: Noodle's Final Expressions and Turnarounds

I wanted to start with a Character which is mostly resolved so I picked Noodle as he is the one I am mostly confident with. Ada and Wyatt might go through some minor changes (again).
So, yes! Noodle the teenage Chinese Dragon. I wanted to show him in a lot of different emotions just to signify that his mood changes all the time. I mainly used his whiskers, his eyes and his ears for his expressions. I love the bottom left one with the puppy face :)

And the turnarounds which I found a bit hard to draw, as turning a 2D character into a 3D one is not easy at all. Thankfully, the creature I was working on for the summer project helped me visualise him better.


  1. Haha this looks great Andriana :D. He's soo cute ^^

  2. OMG! I gave Noodle a Mullet! Hilarious. Nothing better for an 80's cartoon :P

  3. Amazing work Adriana! keep it up :P