Saturday, 26 November 2011

Evaluation of Unit 2: Character Design

It's been 10 weeks of Year 2 already and we are done with our first project. Time went so fast, yet everyone produced a huge amount of work and did really well at their crits. I am glad Justin mentioned that we are the strongest group so far with a great number of talented people.
To be very honest, this project was the one I was looking forward to since Year 1. I have always been interested in character design and having a professional to show us the hidden grammar behind characters was something I certainly anticipated. I wanted to make the most of these 10 weeks as you never know when we will get an opportunity like this ever again.  I learnt so much during those 10 weeks but there is so much more ahead of me. And I believe I did make the most of it as I could see it from the feedback I got in my presentation.
So all in all I cannot wait to put the knowledge I grasped into my own characters, and of course turn them into 3D.

Note: Need to improve in presentation skills. Be more excited about my work.


  1. Did you have the presence of Justin for the full 10 weeks? If so, I am very jealous of you for that! We had him for a week and that was VERY informative, I can only imagine what 10 weeks has done for your guys knowledge. Great stuff!

  2. Hi Andrianna

    It wasn't just Justin which stated the group had done well. We all agreed on that one. :)

    Well done.