Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Narrative: Tracy's Rigging Process(Legs, Feet, Spine and Arms)

It's been a while since I updated my work on the Narrative characters as I've been trying to work on the Cartoon Character and then apply what I've learnt from him to them. I must confess, rigging is a lot more quicker and understandable the second time, and it should be even quicker the third time for the Mother. Of course, I've had a few problems on the way which took a while to correct but to be honest, they are inevitable. 
So this is what I've got of Tracy up till now. A few points to ask Alan about:
1) The file is very slow when the geometry is visible, how can I correct this? 
2) Can some skinning be corrected after the rigging is applied?
3) How can I make the eyelashes work on the facial rig (it is a separate geometry from the face)
4) The thumbs make a weird twist when I connect the joints to the rotates in the connection editor.

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