Friday, 10 February 2012

Transcription: First Rough Storyboard

This is my first attempt for the storyboard. Out of all the subjects we talked with the girls I picked the Aliens and the coloured Pencils which were the strongest ones.
The alien turned out very successful and I can definately see it coming to life as Megan adds up more features to it. I am not sure about the static camera but I think it help to focus on the description of the alien.
Also, I thought it would be interesting if she intracted with her environments on the second half.

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  1. Hey Andi - there is such HUGE charm about this storyboard - have you consider designing your Maya character so that it retains what is sooo cute about these thumbnail depictions of your child character? I think it would really be worth some experimentation around style for your character - and maybe making it as bold and gestural as this - there is already such charm going on here - and the mostly static camera is a big part of that charm! I don't like the title though - (I know it's early days) - but simple black writing on a white background (maybe handdrawn and animated so that it 'boils') would be lovely - and maybe just called it something like 'Megan says' .