Saturday, 11 February 2012

Transcription: Research on Children's Drawings

After Phil's feedback in experimenting with keeping my animation as bold as my storyboard I decided to look into children's drawings as a choice of style. Since the whole animation is going to be based on a child's view of the world it would be interesting to portray it in a way a child would draw it. 
Firstly, I found this helpful timeline which shows the drawing development of children from 2 years old till 16. In Megan's case, as a seven year old, her drawing abilities will be quite developed with the ability to portray an object clearly by its shape.

Next, I found this website which has a great collection of children's drawings from all over the world. The use of colours is distinguished by the mood and of course the surroundings of the child itself. 

Mother's Day
Watercolor, pastel and crayon
Yee L.
Age 5
Hong Kong, China 

Welcome to San Francisco
Colored pencil
Sophia M.
Age 5
California, USA 

Colored pencil 
Teodora S.
Age 5
Stevenage, UK

Also, I came across these toys which are 3D representations of children's 2D drawings. It is interesting how they still maintain their 2D quality.

Found At:

And finally, something similar, drawings painted realistically. But this time it seems like the uncanny valley has taken over.

Found At:

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