Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Design: Short Synopsis and Character Bios (Attempt 1)

When it comes to Character Design I think the most important part is the story hidden behind the Characters themselves. As long as you have a good story base then your Characters can evolve around it and it will be easier to design them. I have found this story part quite a struggle as I am jiggling around a hundred of ideas and don't know which is best. But after two weeks of just plain thinking and thinking, I believe I have a good story to work on. I am still not sure about the gender of my Protagonist but I am going to leave her as a woman for now as it's what I am mostly excited with. I don't have their full outer description as I need to experiment with concepts for that. Oh and special thanks to my Flatmate Kate who helped me out with the translation of Ada's Chinese Nickname. :)

Character Bios

Heroine-Ada Sar Jung:  
Ada is a young cowgirl raised in a Chinese culture. Her name means The Sand Preast after she was found lost in the desert. She had the best of both worlds with the swift movements of a cowgirl in combination with the Martial Arts she was taught in this small hidden town. She is brave, proud  but  at the same time shows her feminine side.

Sidekick- Noodle the Riding Dragon:  
Noodle instantly got attached to Ada and soon became best friends. He can be really playful, full of energy but other times he prefers to spend his whole day doing nothing but eating noodles all day long. But when it comes to battle for the protection of the town Noodle will stand up for it and fight until the end.

Villain-Wyatt 'Metal Knuckle' Morris: 
Morris is the thief of the desert. He is well known for his attacks in the middle of nowhere, where victims can easily be tackled. He is after the The Power Source of the Secret City was raised in. His basic theory is: the more you have, the more control you've got over people which means more power.


Ada was a young girl (age 9) found in the Western desert by an old Chinese priest. She was separated from her parents when a thief tried to mug them.  Found vulnerable and dried out under  the burning sun she was taken to a secret Chinese civilization built in an illumines cave. The civilisation had its origins back to the mid 1800's when a great number of Chinese immigrated to America during the gold rush and used the caves as dwellings. Soon enough that ‘Small China’ became an actual society based on Chinese traditions, philosophies and the art of Martial Arts.
At first the young girl was considered as a stranger but she soon proved to have great skills in quick swift moves as she was taught from her father who was a cowboy.  So her moves where enhanced with the combination of Martial Arts  and was trained as an exquisite warrior. Proving to be really good in her martial arts skills she was named Ada Sar Jung, meaning Ada the Sand Priest and became the guardian of this Hidden Little China. Her sidekick was her riding Dragon called Noodle (he loved noodles) which she used as a horse to glide in the air. He is cute and clumsy but becomes a brave sidekick when it comes to protecting the city.
 But there is something more than a town she had to protect. The little city had something precious hidden inside it, something truly powerful that kept this small society alive.  Wyatt ‘Metal Knuckle’ Morris, the Villain, was aware of this powerful source and decides to track it and use it for himself. As a greedy thief of the desert he is willing to get hold of anything to have everything , because for him, more is better. But in the end, it turns out that Morris was the thief that separated Ada from her parents. When Ada finds out she decides to go against him, but Morris has a special offer for her: the exchange of the Secret Power Source with the reunion with her parents. Ada is now frustrated. 

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  1. Hi Andriana,
    I think you have nailed it, regarding story and characters. I can really see these characters leaping from the page. I think if you can successfully communicate all the characters elements, then you will have some very string designs