Wednesday, 27 October 2010


So yes we got introduced to our new unit yesterday and it sounds pretty interesting! What we basically have to do is create 3 digital paintings inspired from the books we were randomly given to read. So what our blogs need to include is all the research, live drawings and maya tasks which is in other words what we were supposed to do on the last unit only with a few more extra stuff. There is a main difference though as now we are more familiar with different techniques and the idea of time, and how much work can really be produced in 5 weeks. Anyway, the books I chose was THE PIT AND THE PENDALUM and THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER both from the same author Edgar Allan Poe who is known for his tales of mystery and macabre. So in order to draw whatever comes in mind when reading the story is to understand the story itself which makes me have to read through them a few times. From first glance I understood the first one has to do with a man describing his experience being tortured in prison during the spanish inquisition whereas the second is the story of Roderick Usher whose sister died and was entombed for a few weeks before being buried permanently. There is a very detailed description of the house of Usher which is what makes this book so iconic. I'm very excited to work on these two gothic style books and explore my skills in digital painting.

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